Stoupakis Chios Distillery

Stoupakis Chios Distillery

In the land of Chios yesterday and today are everywhere and always together. The aroma of mastiha conveys the spirit and culture of the centuries and travels them to the present. Every taste hides secrets, one of them is the unique recipe of Kazanisto ouzo which is made with the same love and respect in copper cauldrons, since 1896.

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Alcoholic Drinks

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Non Alcoholic Drinks

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The elegant taste of green tea perfectly matches with the special natural scent of Chios mastiha. Excellent balance of soft sweetness and acidity which is combined with a long cool aftertaste.


The carbonated drink that has the taste of the original mastic water from Chios and a scent of rose or tangerine. Enjoy it through the day and feel the energy and the wellness in every sip. 0% sugar, 0 calories.

Suitable for cocktails

A cocktail with Mastiho, is what you need to finish a difficult day or just celebrate a happy moment!