fraoulaThe unsurpassed aroma, the luxurious taste, and the lingering aftertaste of the “HOMERIC” Mastiha Liqueur go a step further into the world of flavour. Flavoured with the discreet taste of luscious strawberries, “HOMERIC” Mastiha & Strawberry Liqueur is a combination to match any preference, any time.

“HOMERIC” Mastiha & Strawberry Liqueur is a pure, 100% distillate of Chios Mastiha distilled in the same traditional manner handed down to us by  our grandfathers. True to our promise to bring tradition closer to today’s preferences by taking flavour on an adventurous voyage, we have crafted “HOMERIC” Mastiha & Strawberry Liqueur to ensure that we have met the expectations of our customers. Enjoy it on the rocks or in a creative cocktail.

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