The bridge bringing the Aegean and the West closer to Asia Minor and the East, Chios has changed many names down the course of its history but, since Homeric times, it has always been known as “Chios”.

It is the fifth largest Greek island and belongs to the North Aegean island cluster. Its history and habitation begin in the Neolithic Era.

Until its defeat by the Persian forces in 493 BC, Chios was a mighty maritime and economic empire.

Gradually, the island regained its autonomy and independence and flourished again until the onslaught of the Romans and the island’s destruction by ravaging earthquakes.

During the 11th century, Chios began to regroup. Starting in 1204 when it becomes subject to Constantinople, the island falls under the rule of foreign powers such as the Genoese and the Turks. In 1822, the infamous Chios Massacre by the Turks takes place. In 1912, Chios is finally liberated.

Today, Chios is a preferred tourism destination sought after for its natural beauty and unrivalled cuisine.

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