The cuisine of Chios is not just an element of the local culture. Gastronomy at its best, Chios’ local fare, distinctive in taste and flavour, is interwoven with the island’s social character. A glimpse at a local dish or a whiff of its aromas and you become a willing captive: colours, nutritious ingredients, fragrances, history, local lore are all on your plate welcoming you to the island and its superb cuisine.

Bursting with flavour, the local dishes of Chios are something one should try when visiting; to us, the inhabitants of Chios, food is a pleasure that embraces all of the senses.

On Chios, flavour and taste is a way of communication. Meals are the time when family and friends get together to eat, drink, share, enjoy, and talk. After all, the Greek word “symposium”, a word as ancient as Greece itself, means “drinking in company”. That is why we begin our meals with an ouzo and end them with a mastic liqueur.

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